Dab containers Packaging Cardboard Tube

Key Features 

  • All-paper cardboard material
  • Rigid & strong protection for your concentrate jars
  • Lid-off tube design

MOQ: 1000pcs


Whichever dab containers you are using for your cannabis concentrates, your nice-made products deserve decent secondary packaging.

This custom printing cardboard tube is ideal for packaging your concentrate glass jars, silicone jars, no neck clear glass concentrates containers and all dab containers.

You can print everything onto the tube surface, including the “neck/shoulder.”

The lid-off round tube has an exposed “neck” that is designed for providing extra printing area while providing a hand grid that is more user-friendly when a customer is carrying the concentrate tube.

What’s good about this packaging?

  • All-paper cardboard tube packaging that is fully biodegradable and recyclable
  • Rigid material that provides strong protections for your cannabis dab containers.
  • Lid-off design that has more designing areas and user-friendly purposes.
  • Round shape that is perfect for displaying in dispensaries and stores
  • Flexible and full customization options in sizes and printing methods

MOQ: 1000pcs per size (You can mix different designs in that quantity)


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