Child-Resistant Vape Cartridge Packaging Tubes – Flat Top

Key Features:

  • Flat Top Design
  • Rigid cardboard made
  • CR certificated & patented

MOQ: 1000pcs

Think out of the box!

Why not consider cylinder cardboard packaging with a flat top and bottom for your vape cartridges and disposable pens?

Check this out.


CRP Vape Cartridge Tube With Patented CL Button Design

Featured with a child lock button design, the vape cartridge packaging tubes comply with US 16 CFR 1700.20 child-resistant standards.

The child-safe mechanism prevents children from opening the tube.

Meanwhile, the press & slide design makes it adult-friendly to open the packaging and take out the vaping devices easily.

The CL button vape cartridge packaging cardboard tubes are made of rigid paperboard.

They come with a soft foam that will position and protect the cartridges/disposables safely and competently.


Flat Top Paper Cartridge Tubes – Make Your Vape Packaging Even Special

Compared to our classic and best-selling childproof paper carts tubes, these vape cartridge packaging tubes come with a flat top (and bottom).

It’s a shape closer to plastic containers (pop-top tubes, salve containers, etc.), which is specially designed for brands not fans of paper tubes with a curved top & bottom.

Above all, it’s eye-catching, right?


Custom Printing Vape Cartridge Packaging Tubes – Color Your Cartridges Flavors

The most exciting part of cardboard tube packaging for vape cartridges is that you get full access to printing.

Suppose you are on a testing run and need to print multiple designs & flavors on your cart’s packaging.

You could undoubtedly mix different flavors’ designs on a 1000pcs trial order.

We provide full-color printing, PMS printing, and silkscreen printing for these paper cart tubes.

You can always print anything onto the tube surface, the tube neck, and the top & bottom paper disc.


Patented & CR certificated CRP Cardboard Tubes

Our CRP paper tubes are child-resistant and certificated.

Keeping your packaging state-compliant is essential for your booming business.

Our packaging consultants are keeping pace with the cannabis industry. We try to be on the same page with our customers.

This packaging works for all kinds of cartridges, 0.5ml to 1ml, Ccell, TPK, Opad, iKrusher, etc. You can always customize it to fit your cartridges using.


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