Hexagon Cardboard Box for Cannagar Blunt

Work with our experienced packaging experts to personalize your cannagar blunts packaging.

Airtight glass tubes are the perfect primary packaging for cannagar blunts. Our hexagon cardboard boxes work as the secondary packaging. The glass tubes keep your cannagar blunts fresh and moist-free, and our hexagon cardboard boxes help build a strong cannagar brand with:

  • Geometric Aesthetics

While a typical cannabis cigar packaging is either a cylinder or a rectangular box, this hexagon box is a combination of the cylindrical structure and the square shape. A special hexagonal cannagar box surely makes a noticeable retailing presence and brings a refreshing unboxing experience to consumers.

  • Premium Quality Printing

Printing is more than just a piece of paper to us. Instead, we treat our clients’ artwork design as a masterpiece. We offer a variety of custom printing services to fit every need. Everything we print includes our premium quality paper and materials, inks, and coatings. By offering special surface finishes including spot UV, foil stamp, embossing, debossing, soft-touch, we are proud to represent your cannagar brand.

  • Unlimited Customization

For illustration only, we add a paper divider inside this hexagon cardboard box, turning it into a 6-pack cannagar packaging for special events. We can easily customize the paper divider and the hexagon box size as needed. Looking for a single-pack option? No problem.

Our experienced packaging experts have an impressive track record of helping many cannabis start-ups to establish their brands with fully customized packaging. We have a lot of customization cases in material, size, shape, printing, and finishes. And we are pleased to provide you with design support to ensure the rationality, practicality, and aesthetics of your customized products.

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Let’s work together to personalize your cannagar blunts packaging now.

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