Custom Cardboard Display Boxes For Pre-Roll Tubes

Key Features:

  • Rigid cardboard material
  • Fully customizable in sizes
  • Custom made paper insert for displaying your products
  • All-paper made, zero plastic

MOQ: 500 pieces

How do your products stand out in retail stores, dispensaries, and smoke shops?

Try these durable and beautifully made cardboard display boxes and POP stands.


All-paper Cardboard Display Boxes To Replace Your Plastic Or Acrylic POP Stands

Speaking of countertop displays, we can see bulky POP stands made of plastic or acrylic.

If you are not a fan of plastic packaging, why not use paper instead?

This durable and easy assemble counter top display box is made of rigid cardboard.

The cardboard material is made from paper pulp, which is compostable.

A paper insert with a custom die-cut can center and well position your pre-roll tubes.

You can constantly adjust the insert to display your different products like cartridges, pop-top tubes, etc.


Rigid Paperboard Display Boxes For Best Branding Purposes

As regards paper display boxes and master cases, we usually see three types in the paper packaging industry,

– Paper Display Boxes (Coated Or Uncoated Paper)

These folding cartons are lightweight, stay flat before assembled, and are easy to assemble.

They are the most cost-effective solution for customers that has a tight budget.

The major disadvantage of these paper display boxes is that they are not suitable for heavy products.


– Custom Cardboard Countertop Displays

These cardboard display boxes are made of paperboard (a thick paper-based material).

They are generally thicker than folding cartons and are widely used in high-quality graphic printing.

This is right for you if you prefer a thicker and high-quality-looking paper POP display.


– Corrugated Display Boxes

Corrugated display boxes are resilient, and it’s cheaper than cardboard display boxes.

They can be used as mailer boxes as well.


Custom Printing Counter Top Display Boxes

Compared to plastic or Acrylic POP stands, customizing a well-designed and printed display box makes approachable and accessible solutions for your customers to purchase your products.

With different designs and marketing artworks, you can brand your different products.

Feel free to reach out for a free template to add your designed artwork.


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