Collapsible Magnetic Gift Box – Subscription Mailer Wholesale Box

Key Features 

  • Collapsible & easy re-assemble
  • Rigid cardboard
  • Magnetic closure
  • Perfect solution for displaying and subscription

MOQ: 1000pcs


A magnetic gift box can be an exciting packaging option for monthly cannabis subscription products.
It’s sturdy, has a magnetic closure, and is collapsible (to help you save a lot of shipping freight when sourcing overseas).


Custom Printing Gift Box Magnetic Closure As Subscription Mailer Boxes

More companies are launching their cannabis subscription services for their consistent consumers.
Their memberships offer premium monthly discovery with mixed named cannabis products in a single subscription box.
Therefore, a nicely-designed subscription box is in need for these companies.
We provide a complete printing service for these magnetic gift box.


Magnetic Lid Gift Box With Custom Insert For Different Cannabis Subscription Box Styles

To make your cannabis subscription box stand out. We offer flexible customizations.
You can use soft, sturdy foam inserts for products like glass tincture bottles and concentrate glass jars.
Foam insert usually has better protection for these glass containers.
Besides, if you prefer a “greener” cannabis subscription box, you can choose a paper or cardboard insert instead.
The cavity on the inserts will be fully tailored according to your products.


Magnetic Gift Box With Ribbon And Collapsible Design

There are majorly two types of cannabis subscription boxes: Corrugated mailer boxes and cardboard magnetic gift boxes.
Corrugated boxes are a more cost-effective option for most brands. In contrast, a cardboard magnetic box has a high-grade look and a better printing effect.
Another significant advantage of corrugated mailer boxes is that they are foldable and collapsible, which can save you a lot of international shipping freight
if you are sourcing the packaging overseas.
That’s why we bring up this solution: a collapsible gift box with magnetic closure.
We will ship these boxes staying flat to help save your shipping freight.
And with an embedded ribbon pull tab and collapsible design, you can assemble the boxes quickly when you receive them.


Custom Large Magnetic Gift Box For Cannabis Box, Bundles, And Kits

The large magnetic gift box is an ideal packaging solution for subscription boxes, cannabis products bundles, and kits.
Such rigid customized magnetic gift box can also store accessories like premium glass pipes & bongs, dab rigs, rolling papers, snacks, and gears.
Your top-picked cannabis products deserve a nicely-made and high-quality magnetic gift box.


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