CR Paper Pre-Roll Container For Hemp Blunts Packaging

key Features:

  • Crafted for multiple-pack cannabis pre-roll and hemp blunts
  • Eco-friendly paper materials: biodegradable paper & recyclable PP CR button
  • Simple Child-resistant design without adding too many accessories and weight to the whole box
  • Rigid telescoping shoulder box design

MOQ: 1000pcs


A paper pre-roll container is the ideal secondary packaging for cannabis pre-rolls and hemp blunts.


With the fast-developing cannabis industry, the competition among brands is getting severe.

A finely crafted product with so-so packaging is hard to notice in a dispensary or weed shop.


Packaging has become more than essential nowadays to make your brand seen and remembered.

Some tips to distinguish your pre-roll and hemp blunts packaging from your competitors.


I) Go Paper, Go Eco-friendly

The world’s changing, and people care more about the environment today.

Yes, we care about our earth.

Brands using eco-friendly and recyclable packaging will catch customers’ attention. (who are earth-conscious)

We bring this paper pre-roll container as a lovely secondary packaging for cannabis pre-rolls.

There is only a tiny CR button of PP material; other than that, the whole packaging is paper-made.


II) Go Rigid, Go Childsafe

Speaking of child-resistant packaging, we can still see lots of paper packaging made of thin paper in the cannabis market.

These CR paper boxes achieve the CR function by various child-resistant mechanisms.

But still, kids can easily tear off the thin paper boxes and take out cannabis-related products.

That’s why we suggest using rigid boxes if you need “real” childproof packaging.


Our paper pre-roll container is made of thick cardboard that is tear-resistant.

It ensures the whole packaging is reusable as a portable cigarette case and is strong enough to prevent children from breaking it and taking out the joints.

The paper pre-roll box has a small plastic CR button embedded on the box “shoulder”.

Adults can press the button, easily slide out the lid from the box, and enjoy the hemp blunts and pre-rolls.


III) Go Unique, Go Different

To help brands differentiate themselves from their rivals. We’ve been developing new box styles to cater to different branding and marketing purposes.

This paper pre-roll container is neither a regular flap top box nor a slide box.

It is a telescoping box with a CR button on the box “shoulder.”

We can also add a paper insert in the box as a separator for multiple pre-rolls packs.


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