Custom Printing Paper Joint Tubes

Key Features 

  • Plastic-free paper packaging for multi-pack pre-rolls
  • All-paper, sustainable, and fully biodegradable
  • Cost-effective and flexible customization
  • Sturdy cardboard tube structure


Are you still using non-eco-friendly plastic pre-roll tubes with labels?

And wondering, are there other greener packaging ideas?

It’s time to embrace your all-paper pre-roll tubes!

It’s a rigid 3-piece cardboard tube with a tall cap, a tall hidden shoulder, a short base, and a paper joint separator for 4 pre-rolls.

What’s good about this packaging solution?

100% Plastic-free, Sustainable, and Biodegradable Joint Tubes

The joint paper tubes are all-paper and are 100% recyclable, and zero plastic is used in this packaging solution.

It can meet the requirements for some earth-cautious brands and companies.

These biodegradable pre roll tubes are reusable as a paper container for your other cannabis products.

Cost-Effective And Flexible Customization

It costs a lot if you need to print your logo and artwork onto a plastic pop-top pre-roll tube or a joint glass tubes.

In contrast, if you use a blank plastic or glass tube and apply a printed label, it can’t meet some brands’ requirements for higher branding purposes.

Therefore, custom printing joint tubes for cannabis pre-roll can be the best cost-effective method.

Our paper pre-roll tubes are fully customizable in sizes and styles. We can make the tube size strictly based on your pre-roll dimension.

Regarding the tube style, you can either use a classic tube shape with a short cap and tall base, a tall cap, and a short base, or a cap and base in the equal height, and even tubes with an exposed “neck/shoulder.”

We offer CMYK printing and Pantone matching catering for your different branding needs.

Best Shelf Impact Of These Printed Joint Pre Roll Tubes

Differentiate yourself from thousands of other brands that packed their marijuana joints in plastic tubes or glass tubes.

The paper joint tubes packaging can help to impress your customers and stand apart from your competition.

You can pack your different series into different sizes’ tubes. For instance, tubes in different sizes for your different product variations, 116mm pre roll tubes, 109mm pre roll tubes, king-size joints, 3 joints a pack, 5 joints a pack, etc.


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