Match Box For Mini Pre Rolls 5 Pack – 100% Recyclable

Key Features: 

  • 100% recyclable kraft paper made
  • Paper Insert as a separator for joints & match sticks
  • Pocketable box size & user-friendly thumb notches
  • Fully customizable in sizes & printing methods

MOQ: 1000pcs

This tiny slide box is crafted for 5-pack mini pre rolls packaging.

Mini pre rolls, previously known as “small-format pre-rolls”, are winning the hearts and minds of low-volume, light smokers who enjoy a couple of puffs in their daily routine.

We can find brands like Dogwalkers, SELFiES, Besito, Jeeter and other mini joint brands in the cannabis market.

Want to explore this category and try new packaging for your mini joints? Try this out.


Rigid Drawer Box With Paper Separator For Joints And Matches

The idea of this box comes from a traditional match box.

The box is pocketable and lightweight. Consumers can carry it anywhere for casual puffs anytime.

A paper insert is included as a separator for multi-pack mini pre-rolled joints and match sticks.

You can add another paper divider for gapping each joint when needed.


100% Recyclable, All-Paper, Zero Plastic Used, White Kraft Paper

As a paper printing & packaging manufacturer, we aim to eliminate the use of plastic in all our packaging solutions.

We use zero plastic for this mini pre-roll box, and it’s all-paper.

If we disassemble the box, there are simply two types of materials:

Thick cardboard (produced from paper pulp) forms up the whole box structure and ensures the box’s stability.

A wrapping paper is white kraft paper and can be a substrate for carrying your designed artwork.


How To Customize This Box For Your Mini Pre Rolls?

If you are interested in this box option, you can provide the below specification and let us do the rest for you,

  1. The total height of the pre-rolled joint
  2. The diameter (width) of each end of the joint
  3. How many pieces of pre-roll to pack in each box


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