Reverse Tuck End Folding Cartons – Glass Weed Jars Packaging

Key Features:

  • A reversed tuck end box, a decent matte black folding carton packaging
  • Made of pure and natural paper materials at a reasonable price
  • Being highly recyclable and 100% biodegradable
  • Completely customizable in size, printing, and observation window, for all weed jars
  • Small volume orders available

MOQ: 1000pcs


Since the late 19th century, folding cartons have been widely used in packaging industries and do not rule out secondary marijuana packaging of concentrates, wax, and flowers.

Now, folding carton boxes are still on-trend.

All we need to do is to make your box rather attractive and stronger in protectability than your counterparts.


Wholesale Carton Box for Glass Weed Jars: Design

The box type is influenced by and pays homage to the most common style of folding cartons – the very economical and versatile reverse tuck end box.

With this flexible secondary weed packaging, you can create a simple but elegant look or intricate fashionable patterns sure to attract modern discerning marijuana consumers.


We designed the brand logo in the most eye-catching place on the packaging for glass-made weed jars.

The restrained black background coupling with the color printing makes such an adorable contrast. Unexpectedly captivating.


The design is simple: a magnificent matte pure black carton box allowing the typography to become the focus, but adopting jumping iridescence creates a high-end minimalistic box for your concentrate jars or flower containers.


Box for Any Glass-Packed Marijuana Products: Endless Custom Options

If you need greater diversity and more printing choices for your glass weed jars’ packaging, we are pleased to provide you with other customizing options here.


MPS strives to offer our customers desired to package.

Various custom options are available to capture this promise, thoughtfully ensuring the finish of all packaging needs.


The most popular printing method for this matte black box is silk screen printing, which is long-lasting at a very reasonable price and ideal for minimalist Logos or designs.

Foil stamping is also a clever choice to highlight the brand logo or slogan on this dark background.


In addition to printing, you can customize the box with cut-out windows or PVC windows for all-sized glass weed jars on either box surface.

And if needed, paper/foam inserts will be reliably protecting the safety of the inner contents.


Natural Folding Cartons: Materials

The matte black box for weed glass jars, made of all-natural materials sourced from quality pollution-free supply chains, is highly recyclable and sustainable.

The best thing is that it is 100% biodegradable, very eco-friendly, and cost-effective for any company to reduce its carbon footprints.


Bulk Discount: Price

Surprisingly, such a charming, durable, eco-friendly, and inclusive folding carton box is very reasonable in price.

The per-unit cost will largely depend on your total ordering volume: the larger order enjoys more discount.


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