Triangle Box Packaging for Marijuana Extract Containers

Looking for a new packaging box to create a high-end marijuana extract brand? This triangle rigid box might help.


We have been facilitating CBD extractors’ business expansion with various secondary paper packaging options for their CBD extracts containers. Among new offerings is a triangle box packaging for marijuana extract containers.

Odd-Shaped Triangle Packaging Helps Your Marijuana Extract Brand Stand Out

Square or rectangle packaging boxes are widely seen in the marijuana extract marketplace. This triangle packaging box means a good opportunity for a new marijuana extract brand to stand out.

We are introducing a partial telescope box named neck box (or shouldered box/shoulder box). A triangle tray is fixed inside the base and protrudes up past the top edge of the base. This protrusion creates a relationship of “neck” and “shoulder”. Thanks to such structure, the neck box closes without a gap between the lid and the base. It is designed to be leak-proof and hermetically sealed to ensure better protection for your precious products.

Minimalism is trending in packaging boxes design. Well, triangles have the simplest elements and conditions among all basic plane geometric shapes. An equilateral triangle is a very stable structure that has widely appeared in many industries, not excluding the paper packaging businesses.

Rigid Boxes for High-End Marijuana Extract Oil Brand Positioning

This rigid box is made of recycled chipboard (or is called sheet/grey-board/plain board), which is overlaid with printed paper wraps. Chipboard is generally four times thicker than folding cartons and easy to make. This rigid triangle box maintains high strength in dry and wet conditions because of its denser material and well-mannered texture. Also, benefit from these merits it is durable and sturdy that can withstand a high level of impact.

This rigid box is a good fusion of shape and design—simply uncluttered but well-designed and quite strong. The triangular packaging box has added an extra safeguard for your product during shipping and handling. If your product requires nurturing and guarding against uncertain factors, this would be a competitive option.

Wrapping papers are most for decorating and will always reserve a place for your brand artwork. We adopt an international standard of printing (CYMK Printing and Pantone Printing) to coat the wrappers to provide accurate and quality colors for your design.

Custom Options Helps Realize your Imagination

Our packaging solutions are completely customizable from insert to finishes. Advanced equipment enables us to address the growing range of recyclable materials, case sizes, shapes, and decorating methods with ease of operating and changeover. These Endless choices constitute an integrated custom system. If you prefer a smaller triangle cardboard box without the foam insert, please check this magnetic triangle box.

Having no idea about how to realize your imagination? Don’t be worried. Please feel free to touch us and tell us your brand story. We are responsible for implementing your packaging ideas and taking them into reality. Email us at [email protected], or fill in the contact form below.

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