Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes – Hexagon Shaped Box

Key Features 

  • Eye-catching hexagon ring box style
  • Magnetic closure
  • Book-style look
  • Carved foam insert for cannabis concentrate jars
  • Fantastic display box for concentrate containers

MOQ: 1000PCS

Magnetic closure gift boxes in a hexagon shape, our newly developed concentrate jars packaging solution.

This creative concentrate packaging box features with

  • Hexagon shape with a ring box style
  • Magnetic gift box closure
  • Rigid paper stock, strong protection for your concentrate jar
  • Eye-catching box shape
  • Complete customization, including sizes & printing methods


Customers seeking marijuana packaging are sometimes bold in ideas.

They won’t settle for a “safe” choice when it comes to cannabis packaging.

That’s why we are keeping our pace with the industry; to bring more exciting box styles.


The hexagon ring box consists of 3 parts: a hexagon base, a magnetic hinged lid, and an insert (can be foam or paper).

It’s designed especially for cannabis dab containers and jars.

The magnetic closure gift boxes style provides customers with the best unboxing experience and endows the box with a luxurious look.


The insert can be foam (provide better protection for wax glass jars) or paper (more eco-friendly).

You can custom the insert precisely according to your products’ dimensions.

It works perfectly for standard glass jars, plastic jars, silicone jars, etc.

Whether using round concentrate jars or Qube-style square jars, we can always adjust the inserts to fit.


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