Custom Shatter Envelopes – Glue Flap Closure

Key Features 

  • Glue flap closure
  • Custom printed
  • Paper material protect your concentrates from light and air

MOQ: 1000pcs


Custom Shatter Envelopes With Different Sizes And Printing Methods

A well-designed and printed shatter envelopes can surely bring your concentrate products onto another level.

We sum up 6 reasons why you can consider this packaging solution,

  1. Our shatter envelopes come with a glue flap closure that will keep your concentrates and extracts safe and fresh.
  2. A custom printed shatter envelop will help to catch customers’ attention and create a lasting impression.
  3. Paper material that will protect your shatter concentrates from light and air.
  4. Cost-effective. The paper shatter envelope is a cost-effective packaging solution for concentrates.
    Moreover, since it’s flat during shipping, it can also help to reduce your logistic cost.
  5. Full customization in sizes and shapes. You can always customize a shatter envelop size no matter you are selling half-grams or full grams.
  6. Eco-friendly and sustainable: Our shatter envelopes come from all-paper material and are fully biodegradable. There is no chemical interaction between the paper and your marijuana concentrates, keeping its strength, aroma, and flavor.

Custom Made Full-Color Shatter Coin / Small Parts MMJ Dispensary Label Logo Envelop

If you are looking for a paper packaging solution for your concentrate shatter for your dispensary, this is an interesting idea for you.

You can print your Logo, or cannabis universal symbol, or any other branding information on both sides of the envelopes.

Custom Printed Square Shatter Envelopes

The concentrate shatter envelopes can be customized into any size according to your needs. It usually comes in a square shape.

You can also make it into shapes you want. The custom shatter envelopes also come with different closure methods.

Speak to our sales team and let us give you suggestions.


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