Custom Telescoping Box For 2 oz Containers Packaging

Key Features:

  • Telescopic box style
  • All-paper solution for weed containers
  • Rigid cardboard: strong projection for glass jars


MOQ: 500pcs

2 oz containers are mainly used for cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrate packaging.

They are perfect primary packaging for weed storage and sale.


In terms of secondary packaging, more brands turn to paper packaging thanks to its eco-friendliness.

A rigid cardboard box can provide strong protection for glass bottles as packaging and the best marketing substrate for your cannabis products.


2 oz glass jars are used to store and display up to 2.5gram of marijuana flower, concentrates, or edibles.

Although, applying a label to the jar can carry part of the branding artwork.

A nice-designed paper secondary packaging is still a new must with the booming of recreational marijuana products.


Telescoping Box With Rigid Lid & Base & Paper Insert For 2 Oz Containers

This classic telescopic box consists of a covering lid, a strong base, and a paper insert.

This gift box for matte black jars is made with thick paperboard and provides a perfect unboxing experience for customers.

It’s also a re-usable container and showcase for your cannabis jars: 2 oz containers, 3oz glass bottles, etc.

Hand-crafted rigid boxes give consumers a high-end and luxurious shopping experience compared to folding cartons.


Flexible Customization In Box Size And Printing Methods

The good thing about paper packaging is that you have full access to customization in size and printing methods.

(The matte black jar in this listing is for demonstration only, the box can be customized for all jars and bottles.)

Ranging from small concentrate jars like 5ml glass jars and 7ml jars to large containers like 2oz glass jars and 3oz glass bottles, you can always customize a box to fit it.

Moreover, you can use different paper materials and printing options to make your box unique and stand out, such as kraft telescoping boxes, holographic boxes, gold foiling boxes, etc.


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