Holographic Mylar Bags – Scent-Proof and Child-Resistant

Key Features 

  • Holographic material with a shiny and eye-catching look
  • Printable, Size can be customized
  • Scent-proof and odor-resistant
  • CR certificated & senior-friendly open method
  • Freezer-friendly

MOQ: 1000PCS

Holographic Mylar Bags with Endless Customization Possibilities

Made of laser aluminum film, these holographic mylar bags are shiny and attractive. This three-dimensional effect helps set your weed brand apart from the crowd on the shelf.

Need to custom print your logo and artwork graphics on these holographic mylar bags? No problem! In the case you prefer the whole weed bag to be glossy and holographic, we can directly print on the laser aluminum film. In the case you want a matte bag with your logo or part of your artwork to be shiny, we will add a layer of white ink to cover the holographic background.

  • Best use with: Weed flowers/buds and weed-infused edibles
  • Different hang hole options: Round or sombrero
  • Transparent or clouded windows available
  • Tear notches available
  • Bottom gusset available
  • Corner options: Rectangle or round

Scent-Proof and Odor-Resistant Cookies Weed Packaging Bags

These cookies weed packaging bags are made of high-barrier films. This keeps smells and odors from exiting the bag. Meanwhile, it prevents moisture from entering. The freshness of your weed-infused products (like weed cookies) is well preserved with these scent-proof and odor-resistant cookies weed packaging bags.

Certified Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Exotic Weed Packaging Bags

With a hidden zipper on the top, it’s difficult for children to open the bags. These exotic weed packaging bags are CFR 16, Part 1700 certified child-resistant. With proper opening instructions printed on the pouches, it’s quite easy for adults to open.

Let’s help separate your cannabis/marijuana products from the crowd with custom holographic mylar bags.

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