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Certified Child Resistant Vape Cartridge Plastic Box


CR plastic box for .5ml cartridge and 1.0ml cartridge.



Ideal for storing 0.5ml cartridge or 1.0ml cartridge, this certified child-resistant vape cartridge plastic box is our latest proprietary CR box to manage the cartridges.

This childproof cartridge box features a press-to-push locking mechanism. To release the tray, one has to press the plastic slots and then pull the tray out of the shell. Thus, it is a child-resistant but senior-friendly packaging option for your vape cartridge.

This CR cartridge container usually works with a paper slide box. On the outer paper box, you are able to include all the required information and your artwork design.

Material: Plastic

Function: For vape cartridge packaging

Surface Finishing: Custom printing

MOQ: 1500 Units/Negotiable

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