Custom Rigid Vape Pen Boxes With Hang Tab

Key Features

  • Transparent hang tab embedded
  • Slim drawer box design
  • All-paper insert
  • Fully customizable

MOQ:  1000PCS

Vape pen boxes of rigid cardboard and a hang tab attached are your must-to-have packaging in a dispensary.
On most occasions, when customers need packaging with hang tabs, they will refer to a light folding paper box, a blister pack, or a mylar bag.
How to accommodate your cartridges in a higher standard rigid box while having a hang tab for retailed stores and dispensaries?
This box is for you.


Custom Vape Pen Boxes With Paper Insert And Hang Tab

As a paper printing and packaging manufacturer, we keep bringing more boxes with less or zero plastic used.
The vape cartridge slide box comes with a rigid outer box, a rigid inner box, and a paper insert.
We embed a plastic header (hang tab) onto the box to make it hangable.
For customers who need an all-paper and fully compostable box, we can also make a paper hang tab.


Printed Disposable Vape Pen Boxes With Your Artwork

The best thing about a rigid slide box is that there is a complete customization of printing and finishing.
You can easily differentiate your vape pen boxes by using a different paper material, a selected Pantone color, a nice-color hot foil stamping.
What’s more? These changes even don’t add much to your packaging cost.
Compared to resin or plastic cartridges and vape pens containers, paper packaging will never limit your design.


All-paper Vape Pen Boxes And Cartridge Drawer Boxes

If we replace the plastic hang tab with a paper one, this whole drawer box is 100% paper and is fully compostable.
The thick cardboard that forms up the box structure comes from the recyclable pulp.
You are choosing a paper insert with a cavity for storing your vape pen or cartridges.
We also provide soy ink printing to ensure the best compostability.
Reach out to our sales consultants for more eco-friendly packaging suggestions:
[email protected]


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