Weed Box Gift Set Packaging – Full Telescopic Box

Key Features: 

  • The best weed box gift set for bundle packaging and monthly supply
  • Classical full telescopic box (full cover lid-base structure)
  • Very durable and strong enough to protect any cannabis sets
  • Flexible in all custom options, including sizes, dimensions, inserts, printings, and coatings
  • Provide unforgettable unpacking experiences to your customers

MOQ: 500pcs

The weed box gift set is on its way.

For retailers and end-users, marijuana is emerging from its bad names and comes to symbolize a petty bourgeoisie and a comfortable lifestyle.


Like other commodities, weed subscription boxes/weed box gift sets simplify the processes of people’s hunting and gathering new weed varieties.

Whether enjoying it on one’s own or making it presents for marijuana fans, a well-designed weed box gift set will always be the right choice.


Rigid Full Telescopic Box

Time to ditch the plastic packaging. Use sustainable paper materials instead of those unrecyclable plastics to make a natural low-chemical-polluted weed box gift set.

The best-quality chipboard material plus high-end printed art paper make this subscription box durable and deluxe, much better packaging experience than corrugated box mailers.

No need to worry about the violent delivery processes and long-distance transportation will be ok.

The box can stay in good shape and keep all-around protection of the inner contents required only a bespoke-sized insert,

which has various options: EVA inserts, cardboard inserts, blister pack inserts, etc.

Besides, the full telescopic box offers an easy-open lid-base structure.

The just-right balance of friction and gravity ensure that the lid and base do not separate easily during shipping and handling.


A Versatile Weed Box Gift Set

For those brand owners who want to send your monthly supply with boxes or find holiday bundle gift packages, such a multifunctional gift box can be competent.

Versatile for packaging almost all types of marijuana products, this box will give you full support to accommodate your mailing/selling items: tinctures, gummies, capsules, and any other products in your brand zones.

The weed box gift set is flexible to change in size and dimensions to fit different product quantities and varieties depending on your monthly/holiday promoting plans.


Endless Printing Options

Make your subscription box a monthly adventure for your customers, or center your box around different holiday themes.

It will be a big hit and draw in more crowds to your brand. And that must need endless printing options to help with all these tasks.


With a gradient artwork design and the commonly used CMYK Printing, the two can lightly achieve a beautiful printing effect of rippling water, in line with a holiday ocean theme.

Or, you can highlight your brand logo/slogan with matte/glossy UV to make it attractive and recognizable.


The examples shown above are two custom options from our custom printing options, but we got more.

If you are interested in this weed box gift set or any of our packaging ideas, no more hesitate to contact us via filling out the contact form below.

Our packaging experts are always ready to help.


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