Childproof Cylinder Paper Packaging-Four Cardstocks Available

Key Features: 

  • A child-resistant and adult-friendly cylinder paper packaging for special devices
  • Passed the 16 CFR § 1700.20 testing procedure
  • MPS patented CR function: press-and-rotate
  • Least plastic used, eco-friendly paper solution
  • Four cardstocks available: uncoated paper, kraft paper, black art paper, and holographic paper

MOQ: 1000pcs


This childproof cylinder paper packaging is developed to equip your specialty devices with a stylish and compliant packaging option.

A Child-Resistant and Adults-Friendly Cylinder Paper Packaging for Special Devices

A press-and-rotate mechanism is installed at the bottom of this CR button paper tube. It successfully passed the 16 CFR § 1700.20 testing procedure. This child-resistant specialty device package is constructed to be significantly difficult for children to open within a reasonable time. In addition, the package is much easier for adults to use properly. Please feel free to contact us for a copy of the CR certificate and the detailed CR testing report.

A Cylinder Cardboard Packaging with Patented CR Function

On the market, specialty devices are usually stored inside either a plastic/glass vial, a slim Mylar pouch, a square blister pack, or a rectangle paper box. We pride ourselves on this original structure design by literally thinking out of the box.

A Greener Childproof Cylinder-Shaped Box

Basically, this is a paper tube. To make it difficult for a child to open it, we add a push-and-rotate CR mechanism at the tube bottom. It consists of a tiny piece of foam insert and a very small degradable PVC button. Compared with plastic/glass vials, Mylar pouches, and blister packs, our CR paper tubes are mainly made of the recyclable paper substrate and thus more earth-friendly.

A Brand-Friendly Cylindrical Packaging Box with Unmatched Branding Possibilities

With no doubts, paper is the most suitable medium for printing. We are able to print on various paper substrates to obtain special printing effects. We can print on holographic paper stock, which reflects and diffracts interior and natural lighting. This creates a more eye-catching appearance. In the case you prefer a natural feel, the white or brown kraft paper stock will be the best choice. Actually, not everyone knows surface embellishments (such as foil stamping, spot UV, embossing, and debossing), an effective way to enhance the artwork’s printing effect. No worries. Just talk to our experienced printing and packaging experts who are ready to help.

This is the right place to get your CR specialty device packaging customized. Reach out and let’s get started.

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