Custom Corrugated Display Boxes – For Blister Packs

Key Features: 

  • Corrugated paper made: Rigid and durable
  • Perfect for displaying in dispensaries and smoke shops
  • Custom printing available

MOQ: 500pcs


Corrugated display boxes are built with resilient corrugated material; our custom display boxes will help highlight your products in the retail stores.

At MPS, we provide complete customization options for all your display boxes to fit and arrange your products in a marketable fashion to boost sales.


Customizing a master case for your cannabis products can be frustrating, especially when you are unfamiliar with the custom packaging process.

To make the customization as easy as possible for you. We sum up some factors that can consider.

  • Purposes: Would you need the mater case to be displaying box only, or do you need to use them as a shipping carton?
  • Thickness: Do you prefer a rigid display box for long-time use or a light box that can be disposed of after use?
  • Budget


Based on the above factors, here are three significant types of paper display boxes that you can consider,

Folding Carton Display Boxes

These folding carton display boxes are made of paper stock ranging from 16pt to 18pt.


  • Cost-effective: They are relatively cheap both in the item price and international shipping cost (flattened for easy shipping)
  • Easy to assemble: They are easy to assemble
  • Versatile: They can act as a carton for multiple-pack products, like 5-10 cigar boxes or cartridge boxes. And can be a display box after tearing some parts of the box off.


  • Not suitable for heavy products: Due to the paper thickness, they are not proper for heavy products
  • Not rigid: It’s not a display box with a long shelf life. If you need a countertop display box that stays a long time in your dispensary, please check the following solution.


Cardboard Display Boxes

These cardboard countertop displays are made of rigid paperboard materials.

They are mostly pre-assembled due to their material nature.


  • Structurally stable and durable: They are made of thick paperboard and pre-assembled. They can be a durable display box for your products. And it’s capable of carrying heavy products.
  • Better looking: Paperboard is a high-quality and widely used in gift boxes. The delicate look of the cardboard display box can bring your products to another level.


  • Expensive: Most of them are pre-assembled, so they can generate a lot of shipping, especially when it’s a big display box.


Corrugated Display Boxes

Corrugated display boxes are made of corrugated paper, a cost-effective material widely used in shipping cartons and mailer boxes.


  • Reasonable price: Compared to cardboard countertop display boxes, corrugated display boxes are usually budget-reasonable
  • Foldable and easy to assemble: Corrugated display boxes can be flattened during shipping, and it’s easy to assemble them into a display box.
  • Rigid and durable: Corrugated mater cases can carry heavy products like vulnerable flower jars, concentrate jars, cartridges, etc.


  • Look: Not good-looking as cardboard display boxes
  • Price: Not as cheap as tuck-end display boxes

These corrugated display boxes can be fully customized in size and printing methods.

Paper inserts can be added for displaying different products.


Application: cartridge blister packaging; blister clamshell; clam packs


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