Disposable Vape Packaging | CR Hexagon Kraft Disposable Vape Cart Box

Key Features: 

  • Untouched and naturally-looking brown kraft paper made
  • Unique hexagon lid-off box structure
  • Child-resistant design
  • Robust high-quality cardboard basis

MOQ: 1000pcs


With the best craftsmanship from our factory, this disposable vape pen box in hexagon shape is launched for brands seeking for best disposable carts packaging.

If you are looking for a disposable box that has a sophisticated look while remaining an eco-friendly impression, try this kraft hexagon box.


Custom Kraft Paper Boxes For Disposable Vape Packaging

Brown kraft paper is one of the most popular paper materials in the packaging industry.

It has a naturally untouched look and a strong matte paper texture.

With a well-organized design and printing on the kraft paper, kraft paper boxes surely endorse your products with the best branding image.

Earth-conscious businesses are fans of such paper due to its natural color and aesthetically pleasing look after printing.


In the cannabis world, more brands are considering using kraft paper boxes as the products’ secondary packaging.

MPS brings this printed brown kraft paper box as a perfect packaging idea for disposable vape carts packaging.


You are open to all possible customization options like the box size, foam cavity cut-out size, printing, and finishing methods.

No matter what kinds of disposable cartridges you use: branded ones like CCell disposable cartridges, AVD cartridges, or other disposable dab cartridges;

No matter what sizes of disposable dab cartridges you use, half-gram disposable cartridges, full gram disposable cartridges.

We can always custom the box to fit.


Go Hexagon! Get An Eye-catching Disposable Vape Cart Box In Odd Shapes

The competition in the vaping world is intense. Vaping consumers can quickly get bored with so-so-looking products in the vape store.

Sure, the quality of your distillate and concentrates are the critical factor that will affect your sales.

It’s challenging for vaporizer brands to bring unique and exciting packaging to match or exceed your product quality.

That’s why we bring these childsafe hexagon kraft boxes for disposable vape packaging.


These hand-crafted boxes come in 3 parts:

  1. A rigid cardboard box structure: provide the best protection for your disposable cartridges while maintaining a sophisticated look
  2. A CL button: child-resistant and senior-friendly PressNSlide structure.
  3. A high-quality foam inserts: center and protects your disposable carts safely and competently.

With a pocket-friendly, discreet size, it’s the best packaging size for disposable cartridge vapes when consumers want to stay discreet.


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