iKrusher Cart Packaging Boxes – Childsafe Cartridge Sliders With Hang Tab

Key Features: 

  • Specially crafted for iKrusher Cartridges: CALIBR PRO, TUX & TUX PRO
  • CRP certificated: state compliance
  • Hanging tab added
  • Fully customizable with all printing & finishing methods


MOQ: 1000pcs

By bringing more technically innovative devices on the market, iKrusher vaporizers are gaining more attention from named brands and startups.

As our iKrusher disposable packaging slide boxes are widely accepted by our customers, we are introducing our new CR solution for the iKrusher cart.


IKrusher Cart Packaging Sliders – Childproof Design With Hanging Tab

We are introducing our new child-resistant cartridge sliders for iKrusher carts (CALIBR PRO, TUX & TUX PRO).

With a child-resistant certificate, this rigid drawer box comes with a CR button with which adults can press and slide out the inner tray easily.

It has been tested and can prevent our kids from opening the box and taking out cannabis-related products.

Adding a PVC hanging tab on the top of the box, you can make sure your cartridge products are displayed in the best place in every dispensary.

Moreover, we added a printed paper cover on the foam insert to keep the best balance of practicality and aesthetic aspect.


Crafted For IKrusher Cart, Custom To Fit All Series, And For 0.5ml & 1.0ml 510 Thread Vape Cartridge.

Start customizing this CRP box if you use an iKrusher cartridge as your vaporizer device.

The foam insert is fully customizable by crafting different size cavities according to whichever iKrusher cart you are using.

Its soft material can provide vital protection for iKrusher exotic carts, especially for those ceramic weed carts.

Applicable for:

  • CALIBR PRO 0.5ml & 1.0ml plastic/ ceramic 510 thread vape cartridge
  • TUX 0.5ml & 1.0ml ceramic coil 510 thread vape cartridge
  • TUX PRO 0.5ml & 1.0ml Ceramic coil 510 thread vape cartridge


Full-Color Printing CRP Sliders For iKrusher Weed Cart – Opaque Version & Windowed Version Available

The opaque rigid box provides plenty of room for graphic-designed artwork.

The outer box, inner tray, and foam covering paper can be custom printed.

Suppose you prefer a window to showcase your cartridges. A clear PVC window can be embedded on the box front.

And sure, the size of the window is customizable as well.


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