CR Dab Cart Box | Matte Black Box

Key Features:

  • Decent luxury pure matte-black dab cart/pen box packaging
  • Telescopic square box style, stand steady on retail shelves and is perfect for displaying
  • Equipped with a CR button with a press-and-rotate childsafe mechanism
  • Highly customizable in size, add-on, printing method, and embellishment
  • Low MOQ requirements, free designed templates & digital printing samples

MOQ: 1000pcs


If you want to turn your ideal dab cart packaging imagination into a tangible reality, you are at the right place.

We are introducing this super cool THC/CBD dab cart box that comes in several perfect ingenuities.

It’s for all CDT carts and non-CDT cartridges.


Exterior, the dab cart box has an all-black cuboid body in the partial telescopic structure made of quality black art paper (a paper material that is popular in luxury products packaging).

Durably stable paper material thickness provides the best protective shelter for your precious dab carts and pens.


More than that, the matte cardboard offers a quietly brilliant texture with a simple and clean appearance making it one of the most popular cardboard packaging for vape cartridges.

You can customize your brand logo, slogan, ingredients information, and cannabis warning texts at any part or side of the box to promote yourself to be better than the competitive vape crowds.


A colorful brand logo that adopted the UV printing technique is indeed an excellent choice for black art paper packaging.

It is because UV printing—one digital printing method type—is a quick-drying technique that fits almost any printing surface and is especially print-friendly for art papers.


Interior, the dab pen box contains a bespoke-sized EVA foam insert offering all-around protection to the inner contents during shipping and handling, as well as preventing your carts from the damage of accidental falls.


A child-safe PVC button is a necessary wrapping option for end-users having children in the house.

Our paper cartridge boxes are always taking our kids in mind; this packaging is designed to keep our children from cannabis-related products.


Adult opening friendly. To open this dab cart box, you need to press the CR button with an adult strength and then slide to pull out the inner tank.


Custom Dab Cart Box Packaging With Unlimited Customization Options

The dab cart boxes work perfectly for all kinds of dab carts, extract carts, and THC dab pens to meet various packaging requirements from size to thickness, color matching to coating finish.

The dab cart box works perfectly for various capacities from 0.5ml to 1ml.

It is bespoke to fit different lengths and widths, whether you are finding packaging solutions for a single product or a set of carts.


Commonly used printing methods (like screen printing and hot foil stamping) are available on this all-matte-black box at very reasonable prices without many limitations.

All you need to do is to tell us your ideas and wait for us to turn your ideal packaging imagination into reality.


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