AVD Cartridge Packaging CR Triangle Box

Key Features:

  • Custom-made for all AVD cartridges, AVD batteries, AVD Alpha vape pen
  • Eye-catching triangle shape
  • Rigid cardboard material that provides the best protection for your AVD carts
  • Sophisticated black art paper with silk screen printing

** Cartridges in the pictures are generic and only for demo; they’re not actual AVD cartridges **


A triangle box is an attractive odd-shaped box in the cannabis packaging world.

Among all the odd-shaped rigid boxes, the triangle box is the most popular one.


We noticed that many of our customers have a triangle LOGO or designed artwork related to the triangle.

That’s probably one of the reasons that they like triangle boxes as their cannabis packaging.


A quick look at this sophisticated-looking rigid triangle box,

  • Specially crafted for AVD cartridge: AVD C1, AVD C2, AVD C3, AVD C4
  • Both height and width can be adjusted and customized for AVD batteries (AVD Stik; AVD Alpha pen) and AVD disposables
  • High-quality foam with a custom-size cavity to fit all your AVD devices and provide the best protection for glass or ceramic carts
  • Features a PressNSlide Child-resistant design that is childsafe and senior-friendly
  • Sought-after matte black art paper that adds value to your branding image
  • The best coordination is with black art paper, cardboard, black CL button, and black foam
  • Triangle: Unique triangle box that draws customers’ attention at a glance


Some tips about this packaging solution:

  • You can customize the triangle box height & width (For different products), the CL button color (white or black), the foam color (white or black), and the foam cut-out size
  • CMYK printing and PMS printing are not recommended for printing on all-black art paper due to its color nature
  • Screen printing, hot foil stamping, and UV are the significant embellishments that will bring your black box onto another level
  • Using the same triangle box style for all your AVD devices can be interesting. For instance, shorter ones for AVD carts and taller ones for AVD batteries and disposables
  • A see-through window with clear PVC or a die-cut window can be added when needed
  • Not a fan of triangle boxes and want to go square box, hexagon box, or octagon box? We get you covered


How To Custom Packaging For Your AVD Cartridge?

At MPS, customizing paper packaging for your products is as simple as shopping online.

Stick with this packaging style; if you’ve decided, reach out by filling out the contact form below and tell us which AVD devices you want to package.

And leave everything with us. We will take care of your packaging project.


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